Beco Toy Catnip - Bertie the Budgie

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Beco Toy Catnip - Bertie the Budgie

Our range of cat plush toys are irresistible thanks to the most alluring catnip inside them!

They're also stuffed with recycled plastic bottles, making them extra soft to cuddle up to, as well as being double stitched to make them extra durable.

Whether it's Freddie the Fish, Bertie the Budgie or Millie the Mouse, they'll provide hours of chasing or cuddling fun. Just like the dog toys, our cat plush toys are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles to make them extra soft and cuddly, as well as being double stitched for durability.

What makes our cat toys so great is our alluring catnip, sure to provide endless fun for your cat! Stuffed with recycled plastic bottles Filled with catnip to entice your cat Double stitched so extra durable Soft so great to cuddle 3 Characters to choose from.

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