Pet Points

Pet Points  “PetPoints turning Human Dollars into Pet Dollars”

How to earn FREE Dog Registration

On the 1st of July every year, dog owners in New Zealand must renew their dog licence with their local Council. To register or renew your licence you could go to your Council or call them directly – some even have online services.

Times have changed though, now we can do the whole thing for you from the comfort of your sofa and you get great discounts on your favourite food to boot!!

Woof, Click, Meow! 

Buy your pet supplies from Pets Corner and every single purchase will give earn PetPoints – a dollar for dollar reward scheme that can be used to pay for your dog registration!

The only store in New Zealand that will help you earn FREE dog registration (you don’t have to use it for registration, you can buy things with your Pet Dollars too)

How does it work?

  • Register for an account online here: Sign Up, you will receive $10 straight away (we are generous like that!)
  • Buy products through our site for your dog or cat and you will earn PetPoints every time.
  • It’s up to you if you want to use those points to pay for your dog registration or if you want to redeem them in store for more awesome products.
  • When you are ready to register your dog email us and we will send you your PetPoints in Cash to a nominated bank account to help reduce the cost of your dog registration. 


When can I redeem my PetPoints?

You can redeem them at any time, we recommend you save them for FREE dog registration on the 1st of July BUT, the points are redeemable against any of our products.

What are PetPoints worth?

Each PetPoint is $1

Can I register my dog before the 1st of July?

No, Dog registration for every Council in New Zealand is due on the 1st of July to the 31st of July - you MUST register your dog(s) and redeem your PetPoints between those dates. If you register your dog before or after these dates we will not approve your registration. Call us if you need help 0800 734 364

How long do my PetPoints stay on my account?

From the last order you purchased we will store all of your PetPoints for 2 years. We hold onto them for this long so you have the best possible chance of being able to get FREE dog registration

How do I register my dog on Pets Corner so I can track my reward progress? 

You can add your dog information here Register a Dog You will need to create an account first though. Please note, this is NOT a dog registration tool - you will need to register or renew your dog licence with your local Council. 

Okay, I have hit my Registration target, now what? 

Well done, you have FREE Dog registration!  Before the end of July you need to register your dog with your Local Council - Email us first to get your PetPoints sent to your account. 

I don't have a dog but I do have two cats, can I pay for my friend, Mum, Dads, Sisters, Brothers etc dog registration for them?

Yes, you can. Just  email us and we will help transfer PetPoints to your nominated person. Easy peasy. 

Can I give my PetPoints to a charity?

Yes you can, tell us what charity you want to donate to by email and let us know how many PetPoints you want to donate and we will make that donation for you.

Can I use the PetPoints outside of your store?

Our PetPoints are designed to be used for registration and or products in store – we have helped customers use their points for things like vet bills or even to pay for pet insurance. Just ask us, we might be able to help.